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Experience upright standing with the Standy & Mini Standy and prone standing with the Dondolino.

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Frontier V6, FWD, RWD electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion

  Overview features of "Retractable Docking Pin"

  • Increases safety & ground clearance (by approx. 45mm)
  • Fits to FWD, RWD and Mid-wheel bases
  • Fully crash tested to ISO
  • Designed for use with most existing docking stations (5/8” Pin)
  • Slows drive speed to 10% when down for safety

Note – not available in conjunction with "transfer tilt"

Frontier V6, FWD, RWD electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion

The Frontier V6, RWD​​

Choose  Your Anti-tip Wheel Options 

Magic Mobility developed a rearward stability system that allows the chair to go up and down curbs without getting stuck; 
A choice of anti-tip options are available along with the standard anti-tip wheels or the brand-new roller.

Pictured Frontier V6, FWD and RWD. 

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The Frontier V6, FWD/ RWD is a classic wheelchair 

 frame with new age improvements. Complete with all new, award-winning "Retractable Docking Pin".


Innovation in Motion

Our Award-winning "Retractable Docking Pin"

Increases ground clearance. See video demo.

Frontier V6, FWD, RWD electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion


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Frontier V6, indoor & outdoor electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion
Extreme X8, All-Terrain, power wheelchair, Innovation in Motion

About The Frontier V6, FWD and RWD

Electric Wheelchairs 

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Are you looking for a front wheel drive wheelchair that provides superior stability, smooth suspension and an unbeatable climbing ability?  The Frontier V6,  FWD electric wheelchair is your next chair!   
Magic Mobility moved the wheels in as far as possible, creating a compact motorized wheelchair that handles extremely well.

Ask for our easy upgrade to  "All-terrain" model and optional recline & tilt features. This wheelchair is compatible with our various seating options and also fits aftermarket seating.  


Power Wheelchairs

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