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Extreme X8

Gait Trainers

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 Willie Robertson and ALS Patient go on off-road adventure in Extreme X8, Power Wheelchair.

"We helped him get a new chair [Extreme X8 chair] and this chair has opened up so many opportunities for him to get out and go places he hadn't been in a while and GO HUNTING!"  "I wanted to get involved and do whatever I could do to help"

--Willie Robertson, Duck Commander


About The X8, 

ALL-Terrain, 4WD power wheelchair  

The Extreme X8 is the most compact 4WD wheelchair on the market.  This All-Terrain, electric wheelchair offers a fully integrated power seating system including a 12" seat elevator, 50° tilt-in-space, non-shearing recline, and single piece power elevating leg rest. 

Extreme X8 (4X4) power wheelchair is a game-changer! 

Duck Dynasty's "Willie Robertson",  INNOVATION IN MOTION and TEAM GLEASON  

join together to fight ALS.

ALS patient goes where no other wheelchair could go before! 

The Extreme X8 is the top all-terrain power wheelchair available. Your X8 can be expertly customized for you by  Innovation in Motion. including hunting & fishing adaptive tools. 


Frontier V6 AT, indoor & outdoor, electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion
Willie Robertson, CEO Duck Commander, "Duck Dynasty"
Extreme X8, 4X4, electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion

Innovation in Motion


Experience upright standing with the Standy & Mini Standy and prone standing with the Dondolino.

USA & Canada​​

Pediatric Seating, Wheelchairs

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LOGO, ICON, Innovation in Motion
Extreme X8, 4X4 on beach,, TILT, electric wheelchair, Innovation in Motion

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Power Wheelchairs

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power wheelchairs 

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 About Team (Steve) Gleason's mission

Team Gleason's mission is to raise awareness of muscular diseases, like ALS, fund research for cures and support assistive technology.  

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"This chair allows people to go out on different kinds of terrains and do the things you used to do." 

--Willie Robertson

Geriatrics - Seniors

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