Top Ten Features of VELA Tango 100S Activity Chair: 

  • Cavity seat with foam panels that can be reversed or changed 
  • Backrest is height adjustable 
  • Central brake provides additional safety and security 
  • Good ergonomics, support and comfort 
  • ​Water-repellent chair upholstery 

  • Large selection of accessories and special solution options 
  • Smooth-running and directionally-stable wheel castors 
  • Easily adaptable to different table heights 
  • Lightweight chair design 
  • Chair can be used as a walking aid; optional push handle for helpers

OVERVIEW VELA Tango 100S:  Seat can be configured in many combinations to satisfy unique requirements of the special needs child or adolescent. -- VELA children’s chairs will truly grow with the user due to the modular system that allows for accessories and supports to be added or exchanged for a larger size as growth occurs! 

VELA TANGO 100S activity chair overview. See video.

VELA Tango 100S Activity Chair in use

The VELA Tango 100S directional activity work chair for special needs kids is stable, steady and secure which creates the best possible conditions for concentration and learning. 


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Pictured VELA Tango 100S  ergonomic activity and school chair

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About The VELA Tango 100S 

ergonomic activity Chair for Special Needs 

VELA Tango 100S is ideal for young people with disabilities, children and teenagers with special needs such as:   Autism, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, achondroplasia, ADHD, osteoarthritis, back problems, difficulty walking, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, juvenile arthritis or CP and more.

The VELA Tango 100S moving activity chair with ergonomic seating and stable wheel castors offers much sought after security, stability and comfort for daily tasks in school and at home.


 Brochure literature 


"The VELA activity chair allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user while seated and the High - low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life."