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This New Bug is our most purchased stroller and for good reason!

The new Bug stroller is easy to use and adjustable in tilt from 0° to 45°.  The mechanism of the horizontally pivoted system was designed to help the assistant to adjust the tilt without any effort and to assure the maximum stability of the aid. 

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Clip Stroller pictured folded for storage.

New Novus Stroller by Ormesa, Innovation in Motion
New Clip Stroller by Ormesa, Innovation in Motion
New Bug Stroller by Ormesa, Innovation in Motion

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The Clip is a very light-weight stroller (only 24 lbs), easy to push because its wheels are on ball bearings, and can be easily reclined and folded for storage and transportation. The Clip has an adjustable 3-zipper reclining backrest. Yes, Clip is an occupant crash-tested transport chair!

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New Bug! 

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Learn about the benefits of top gait trainers:  Grillo, Dynamico and Birillo.


Experience upright standing with the Standy & Mini Standy and prone standing with the Dondolino.

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About New Clip by Ormesa 

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Power Wheelchairs

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Browse adult Gait Trainers by Dynamico, Sit -to-Stand w/ table by Standy, and Tilt in Space manual wheelchairs by Juditta.


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The New Novus design uses light materials, such as aluminum for simplicity of folding and carrying. The Novus stroller is a great seller due to its personalization and available accessories.